President - Jerry Rider
Vice President - VACANCY - Please volunteer
Financial Secretary/Treasurer - Thomas Barry
Recording Secretary - Jim Learn

Monthly Meeting - Third Wednesday of each Month at 12:00 Noon incl. Lunch
Located at L.U. 164 IBEW 65 Century Road Paramus, NJ

updated July 19.2021


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2021 Scholarship award winners are posted

2019 50 year members


of Local164 Retired and Active workers

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LU164 Retirees Association Golf League is starting up in April 2021.  Please contact Ray Skinner.

LU164 Retirees Association Golf Outing at Overpeck Park Golf Course is scheduled for September 2021.  More info to follow.


New pictures have been posted on 'Recent Photos'  Click here

In April 2018, a motion was made & passed to donate $300 to the Fair Lawn/Glen Rock Relay for Life/American Cancer Society.  The Relay celebrates survivors of cancer, but also remembers family & friends who've passed.  Also a big shot out to caregivers.  Thank you to the members of the LU 164 Retirees Association.

Health - There has been improvements to the LU 164 Welfare Fund as of January 2018 saving retirees some money.  Call the office for details.

Golf Outing Sponsor List and Form - click here to print  Single Hole, Silver, Gold & Platinum Sponsors available.  Print, fill out, enclose check and send to Ray Skinner (address on form).

Have you paid your 2019 Dues yet?  If not, see Tom Barry to become current.

Click here to get discount Rx coupons      **Can be applied to your deductibles**

Have any ideas for social activities?  Hockey games, bowling, beer tasting, wine making, cavern trekking, hikes, bike rides - there's many choices.  If you like any of these, or have your own events, please chair the committee.  Our association want to do so much more than just fish or golf.  Stay active - Be active.

Free Dinner Drawings at every meeting.  There is a one winner for those present at the meeting and also a general drawing for one winner from all members in association.  It pays to belong.

LU 164 Retirees Children and Grandchildren Scholarship Fund - A very successful raffle was conducted by the Association. Thanks to Ray Skinner and Tom Barry. The 6 winners received the scholarship in May 2018. See winners on right. Congratulations to all.
If you have a child or grandchild graduating high school or is already attending college, please write Ray Skinner at 197 Tappan Street, Kearny, NJ 07032 for an application or call 201-998-5651.

Winter Coats Collection - The Retiree Association's involvement with Jersey Cares of Livingston, NJ. helped at-risk people & homeless needing coats for the cold weather. That makes 1,800 coats in the last eleven years.  Thanks to all who helped. SAVE YOUR OLD  WINTER COATS CHILD/ADULT  FOR NEXT YEAR FOR THE NOVEMBER 2020 COLLECTION.

Classic Doo Wop Oldies Show - The May 2010 show will go down in history as one of the best, most exciting Oldies Show anywhere.  Everyone in attendance were amazed by the entertainers and danceable tunes.  A fun night with great food, trivia questions, decorations and fantastic music for all ages created an atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Thanks to Dave Judovin and Tom Barry for all their hard work in making this event successful.  See photos of show on Recent Photos link on upper right.
Click on the following links below from our 2nd annual Oldies Show
The Sheps on You Tube
Joel Katz on You Tube  
Jive Five on You Tube 

Send your yearly dues of $25.00 to the LU 164 Retirees Association. 
No fee for widows.  Included with dues are investment seminars, pension and welfare updates, luncheons, camaraderie of your fellow retirees, 50/50s, etc.  Send payment to 152 Washington Ave. Maywood NJ 07607

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2019 Retirees Golf League Winners
Singles-A John Lillis
           B-Joe Crawford
           C-tie-Jim Meyer,Ray Skinner
           D-Sil Peri
2 man team
Joe Crawford & Ernie Pierguidi
LU 164 Retirees Association Child/Grandchild  Scholarship Fund 2021
 $3000.00 was given to each student !!!
Child/Grandchild    Grandparent


Kevin Baldwin (grandson of Jon Lawson)

Victoria Skink (granddaughter of Bob DeLorme)

Jared Romeo (grandson of Paul Wondolowski)

Julia DeOliverira (granddaughter Luis Hernandez)

Olivia Koch (granddaughter of George Koch)

Shannon Gaffney (granddaughter of Bob LaGatutta)

Margaret Fisher (granddaughter of Jack Fisher)

Jordan McCarthy (grandson of Paul McCarthy)

 If you have a doctor thatís in our Welfare plan that you would refer to others, send an email to include the doctorís name, address, and specialty. In the near future we will be making a list available to you on this website.

     2019 Golf Sponsors
*Platinum: LU 164 IBEW
Local 827 IBEW
Power Elec
LU 164 Retirees Golf League
Hatzel & Buel
hler Inc
S&J Elec
UA Plumbers Local 24
Tru-Val Elec
Mehl Elec
Jet Testing Elec
Dooley Elec
BC Building & Contst Trades Council
Zazzali Fagella Nowak Kleinbaum
   Friedman Law
TouchTel Elec
Congress Asset Mgt
Huen Elec
LU 269 IBEW Retiree Club
MPC Capital Advisors
Labors Local 472
Travis Elec
164 Retiree Scholarship Grandparents
   Tom Manzi, Andy Kane, Ezio Bioletti,    J
   Thom Misciagna, John Lillis,
   Dick Alderton
*Gold Sponsors: Vic Elec
Vorcom Internet Serv
Scholes Elec
M-P Elec
Altec Building Systems
Tore Elec
Maul Elec
Railroad Const Co
McPhee Acctg
Boz Elec
TZ Elec
Beach Elec
Matrix Nac
The Solleder Family
Joyce Skinner & Eileen Barry
Jim Giesenhaus
AES Elec
IEShaffer Plan Admin
Golf Digest
Gene Bejot
*Silver Sponsors: HB Frazer Co
Carl Vorhees
D'Anna Elec
Haitz Elec
Edward H Cray Inc
Giordano Elec
Oliwa & Co CPA
Jeff Bauer
HVS Elec
Santaniello Elec
Michael Koch MGK Wealth Mgt
Bob Collins
Bet Lea Golf Couse
River Vale Country Club
The Lock Family
PGA Tour Superstore, Paramus





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